Caffè in inglese:

Coffee (Coffi)

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S. Garattini – Editor
Caffeine, Coffee and Health
Monographs of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research

B. S. Gupta & U.Gupta
Caffeine and Behavior - Current Views and Research Trends

G. Derby
Coffee and Health

M.N. Clifford, K.C. Willson
Coffee, Botany, Biochemistry and Production of Beans

Clarke and Macrae
Vol. 1, Coffee Chemistry
Vol. 2, Coffee Technology
Vol. 3, Coffee Physiology
Vol. 4, Coffee Agronomy
Vol. 5, Related Beverages
Vol. 6, Commercial and Techno-Legal Aspects

A. Bazzi, A. D’Amicis
Caffè, Caffeina & Salute

Gene A Spiller

Ian Bersten
Coffee, Sex & Health

Bennet Weinberg & Bonnie Bealer
The World of Caffeine - The Science and Culture of the Worlds Most
Popular Drug

R. J. Clarke & O G Vitzhum
Coffee - Recent Development

Ivon Flament
Coffee Flavour Chemistry

Bennet A. Weinberg & Bonnie K Bealer

De Coffea News – Gruppo di Studio sul Caffè
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